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XTRACT is a thriving global community of endurance athletes united by a shared passion for pushing boundaries and transcending limits. Our mission is simple: to empower athletes from all walks of life to break personal records and unleash their full potential in every session. 

We believe everyone has the potential to become an endurance athlete, and we strive to inspire and guide your journey, so you can surpass even your wildest expectations and conquer previously unreachable milestones. Together, we celebrate every triumph, no matter how small, and support one another to achieve greatness, fueled by determination and the shared vision to accomplish the unimaginable.

1. Recreational athletes:
Anyone who participates sports on an occasional basis for fun, fitness or social reasons.

2. Semi-professional athletes:
Anyone who engages in their sport or activity on a week-to-week basis and has a strong desire or ambition to achieve a specific goal.

3. Professional athletes:
Anyone who joins multiple competitions per year and has a day-to-day sport regimen.

As a brand ambassador, you will receive XTRACT products, discounts, and cash bonuses. Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome pack containing your favourite XTRACT shots and other goodies. In return, you will provide photos or videos of you using and showcasing XTRACT shots and promote them on social media channels of your choice. Most importantly, the goal is for you to reach new levels of performance and inspire others through your content.

In addition to the perks, you'll also receive an exclusive XTRACT referral code to share every time you talk about XTRACT with your followers and earn cash bonuses.

1. Submit your application:
Sit back and take some time to fill in our survey.

2. Fit-check:
Our jury will go through the submissions one by one to find the best possible fit for XTRACT. Read more about our jury here.

3. Beat your best:
You got selected? Great! Enjoy the benefits while you act as an XTRACT ambassador during the length of the partnership.

Ambassador highlight

Shiva Zanoli's incredible journey towards the UTMB TDS.

At 43 years old, shiva is rewriting the playbook on what it means to be an athlete, with an impressive 7.5- year running streak (yes, it means she ran everyday for 7.5 years straight) and a 'beat your best' attitude that perfectly fits with the ethos of XTRACT. Shiva represents the spirit of endurance and willpower.

Chasing the Extra Mile.

Shiva's Road to UTMB TDS with XTRACT

Redefining limits with XTRACT.

Our ambassadors are not just representatives; they are the heart and soul of the XTRACT community. Each one brings a unique blend of passion, driving forward our mission with their individual flair. Their stories, achievements, and dedication play a pivotal role in connecting us with a wider audience, demonstrating the real-world impact of our values. Collaborating with these exceptional individuals, we continue to foster a community that is inclusive and vibrant.

Michi Windbichler


Shiva Zanoli

Ultra trail runner

Ricarda Alt


Michael Förster

Ultra trail runner

Basillia Förster


Nicolas Cap


Mathias Valcke

Cyclist & Runner

Finn Berk


Nathan Szekely


Marion Jester

Cyclist & Runner

Sara Stark


Charles Van Haverbeke

Ultra trail runner